Common Bakersfield Pests

The most effective pest control starts with knowing what we’re up against.


Ants-descended from wasps, these social insects work together to ruin your picnic. They are fantastic foragers and even maintain and protect aphids from other predatory insects such as ladybugs. Think of them as unwelcome ranchers! Call and speak with our licensed experts on how best to manage these voracious eaters.


In order to lay eggs, female mosquitos must first seek out a blood meal. Mosquito-borne illnesses are thought to be responsible for the deaths of over 50% of every human who has ever lived! These flying syringes will take shelter in the vegetation around your home. Call and talk to us about how we can mitigate this threat from your yard.


Feeding on roots, destroying landscapes, and leaving hazardous holes, these unwelcome rodents can be destroyed without using hazardous rodenticides or further damaging your yard. We can handle the solitary gopher or a network of tunnels.


These creatures are thigmotactic, meaning they like to crowd into tight spaces. Due to this, controlling them is often a job left to professionals as they are difficult to locate and eliminate.


Most wasps you’ll find in this region aren’t aggressive, but will use their stingers to defend their nest should you unwittingly disturb them. We can handle these threats so you don’t have to.


This nuisance pest primarily feeds on decaying vegetation. After an inspection, we will identify likely sources and take steps to control them.


We can offer services to control these gastropods before they destroy your ornamental/edible plants.

Bed Bugs

Better to leave this problem to a professional before it gets out of hand, which it will if it’s ignored. Adults can last up to a year without a blood meal and can easily survive below-freezing temperatures.


Bird droppings are not only unsightly but are loaded with pathogens that present a health hazard. We offer deterrent solutions will that will protect your health and property.