Commercial Services

Running a successful business is difficult enough without the constant threat of pests affecting your bottom line. 

We know your business and how to protect it from pest problems

Commercial facilities don’t have much margin for error when it comes to pests. Whether it’s public perception or health and safety regulations, a single pest sighting inside a commercial establishment can have significant financial consequences. At Sequoia Pest Solutions, we understand this reality and are committed to developing an extensive IPM program to significantly reduce the risk of this hardship. Our programs are custom to your needs and thresholds.

Pest control specifically suited to the needs of your area and your industry.

Retail services

Pest sightings can be an embarrassing episode for management. Call us to see what we can do so you and your customers have a relaxing shopping experience.

Restaurant Services

There is no margin of error when it comes to pests inside a restaurant. For  your customer’s  peace of  mind and health, call our office today to ensure a pleasant dining experience. 

Lodging & hospitality

Word of pests will travel with travelers. Our comprehensive IPM program will protect your reputation.

Government & education

Navigating the Healthy Schools Act is a task we take seriously. If your school facility is experiencing problems call us immediately.

Manufacturing & warehouse

We offer a service that will provide peace of mind to your workforce and help prevent contamination of your product.

Healthcare facilities

Pathogen vectors have no place in a healthcare facility. Call us to take steps to protect the health of your staff and the public.

Food processing

Audited accounts require thorough reporting. Call us to find out how we infuse technology with the best practices our industry has to offer.

Disinfection Services

We offer services to disinfect touch points with products that neutralize a broad range of pathogens including SARS-CoV-2. If you’re looking for peace of mind for the public or your workforce, look no further.

For immediate attention call now:

Why Sequoia Pest Solutions?

We are committed to providing a premium service at an affordable cost. We are not “spray jockeys”. We will not be in and out in 20 minutes or less. We have years of experience and best practices put into methodical application. Our job satisfaction is derived from customer satisfaction.

50+ Years of Experience
Global leaders & innovators.
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